See also: ConvUnits


ConvFuelUnits(FromUnitName, ToUnitName, FuelName)


This function returns the numeric conversion factor used to convert from one unit to another for a specific named fuel.   

ConvFuelUnits requires three parameters:

1. The name or abbreviation of the source unit (converted from).
2. The name or abbreviation of the destination unit (converted to).
3.  The name of the fuel.

Note: this function supports conversion between mass, volume and energy units based on the energy content and density of the named fuel and based on the conversion factors of different mass, volume and energy units.  If you are simply converting between two energy units, use the simpler ConvUnits function, which only requires two parameters.  See the General: Units screen for the list of unit names and abbreviations. See the General: Fuels screen for the list of fuels and their energy contents and densities.  The source and destination units must be mass, volume or energy units.  When using mass or volume units, the fuel may not be a pure energy form such as electricity or heat.

Tip: the easiest way to use this function is using the Enter data in another unit..  option accessed from orange button attached to each expression. This lets you select a unit for data entry and then shows a dialog box where you can enter a value in that unit.  Once you click OK in that dialog, LEAP will construct an expression that utilizes the ConvUnits or ConvFuelUnits function to convert that value back into the units expected for the expression.


ConvFuelUnits(KG, GJ, Charcoal)