Information Pages

In addition to its quantitative data, TED also includes information pages that review the availability, appropriateness, cost-effectiveness and key environmental issues for a wide range of energy technologies. TED Information pages are displayed on the right of the TED screen. Each TED branch can have one web page associated with it, and as you navigate through TED's branches on the left of the screen, different TED branches will be displayed on the right.

In addition to navigating the pages using TED's tree, you can also use standard browser techniques to navigate the information pages, including the Back and Forward buttons. Alternatively, you can use the links embedded in the text of the information pages. As you jump to other TED information pages, the cursor position in the TED tree will be updated to reflect the position in the tree of the new page. In some cases, these links will take you to pages on the Internet (i.e. pages that do not form part of the core TED information pages). You will require an Internet connection if you want to see these pages.  For more flexibility, you can directly type any URL in to the address box to view any web page on the Internet.