Tag Groups

See also: Tagging Branches, Tags

Use the Tag Groups screen () to view, edit and organize groups of tags in a LEAP area.  For example. you can make groups denoting policies, sectors, power plant technologies, etc.  Use this screen to specify named groups of tags and specify which groups will be used as an extra dimension for displaying results in the charts and tables shown in Results View.  The Number of Tags column shows you how many tags are in each group.

Click on a tag group to edit its name, while at the foot of the screen you can enter a longer description.  Use the Add () button to add a group and the Delete button () to delete a group.  Use the Up () and Down () buttons to reorder groups.

If you want to use tags as an optional dimension in the Results View screen, then put a check in the Use For Results column.  When using tags for viewing results, each branch must only be tagged with a single tag from any one tag group.  Once you have created tags at different branches, you can use Tags as an additional selectable dimension in your Results View charts and tables.