Minimum Utilization (%)

See also: Analysis View, Transformation Analysis, Maximum Availability

This time-sliced variable, used primarily in optimization calculations, puts a lower limit on the utilization of processes.   In simulation modes, the variable is only used to check that calculated dispatch values meet a specified minimum utilization level.  If they do not an error is reported. In optimization calculations, it acts as a constraint in the optimal dispatch calculations.  Minimum utilization values must be less than or equal to Maximum Availability values.

Minimum Utilization is only shown when you have specified that a Transformation module's properties include capacity data.  

Minimum Utilization is defined for each time slice in a year.  If you don't expect minimum utilization to vary within a year then you can enter a single value (between 0 and 100%).  If it does vary (e.g. by season) then you can use the YearlyShape function to link to one of the library of YearlyShapes defined in your area.  Make sure you choose one of the YearlyShapes that explicitly contains an availability profile.