Data Pages

See also: TED

TED data pages contain quantitative information about a technology. Data screens are divided into resizable panes. At the top you see a screen in which you can view and edit the data. At the bottom you see a pane which is further vertically split into two resizable panes. On the left is a box for viewing and editing a set notes associated with each technology. On the right is a screen for associating one or more bibliographic references with each technology. To edit the notes, right-click and select Edit to display the notes in a larger window, which includes a basic set of word processing controls. Notes can include formatting (bold, underline, fonts, etc.) and can also include standard Windows "objects" such as spreadsheets. To edit the list of References, use the New (), Add ()and Delete () buttons to link to the References database.

The top pane consist of up to five tabs: