LEAP 2020.1.24 Now Available 1 Like

By Charles Heaps on 2/24/2021
A new version of LEAP is now available containing important new capabilities and fixes. Highlights include:

  • NEMO 1.31: A new version of the NEMO optimization framework (v1.31) has been released and is now supported by this new version of LEAP. This results in up to 40x faster calculations times when using the free and included Cbc solver, making it a practical alternative to expensive commercial solvers in many situations.
  • Improved Modeling of Peak Loads: The time-slicing used in LEAP simplifies how actual loads vary within a year (e.g., by season, by day type and by hour). A new variable called Peak Load Ratio lets you adjust for this loss of fidelity and so more accurately model system peak loads, and capacity expansion.
  • Improved Modeling of Trade Among Regions: New capabilities allow you to specify how fuels are imported and exported among modeling regions.
  • Energy Demand Modeling Is Now Optional: allowing LEAP to be used for only non-energy sector emissions modeling.
  • Various other minor improvements including improved charts, improved handling of errors and numerous bug fixes.
  • Updated help files to reflect the new capabilities.