Below are testimonials provided by some of LEAP's users. Please also tell us what you think.  Please include your name, organization and contact information (web and email). Please also let us know if we may quote you.

"Thanks for all of your help. I’m very glad we went with LEAP as it has been easy and intuitive to develop our scenarios of the Federal Government’s energy use and GHG emissions out to 2030."

Marissa R Hummon
Strategic Energy Analysis Center (SEAC)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Golden, CO, USA

"LEAP provides a nice way to structure, analyze and display the jumble of data and results we need in order to weigh in effectively on fuel economy standards and other national transportation policy issues.  It’s a solid platform on which to compare and coordinate analysis with colleague groups, as well as to integrate our own work across vehicle types. It has been a pleasure to work with SEI, which has been very responsive to our training needs and to questions that arise on an ongoing basis."

Therese Langer
Transportation Program Director
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) 
Washington, DC, USA

"LEAP is my go-to model for assessing the energy impacts of proposed vehicle fuel economy standards. Its excellent flexibility allows me to design and conduct assessments as coarse or granular as needed, while it's user-friendly GUI provides helpful visual representations of inputs and outputs -- great for spot-checking and interpreting results.  Also very useful are the model's import and export features, which provide easy access to the data for pre- and post-processing offline in Excel"

Jim Kleisch
Senior Engineer, Clean Vehicles Program
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Washington, DC, USA

"LEAP will soon become the world standard tool for energy forecasting and system analysis."

Yonghun Jung
Vice President
Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) 
Tokyo, Japan

"LEAP is a valuable tool for the Natural Resources Defense Council .  Its flexible and user-friendly transportation module enables NRDC to quickly analyze state and national proposals and advocate for policies that encourage clean vehicles and fuels."

Luke Tonachel,
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
California, USA

 "...It has been just a wonderful experience to work with LEAP, and I really appreciate the many improvements done over time"

Jørgen Hvid
RAMBOLL Consulting
Copenhagen, Denmark

"LEAP is an outstanding tool.  It fulfills a useful role connecting policy makers with quantitative information in an easy to use and intuitive manner.  Without this bridge to quantitative information it is difficult to set targets, budgets and sensible sustainable energy goals or policy.  In the context of developing countries where resources are scarce, needs are great and the impact of decisions on future generations large, this is essential."

Mark Howells
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria

"I have found LEAP to be an excellent tool for organizing, developing, and analyzing energy and environmental data in a wide variety of settings, from the village to global levels, and from the most basic to the most developed economies.  LEAP is an instrumental aid in building human capacity, as it provides clear applications of analysis techniques and concepts that allow users to understand how to look at the complex and integrated nature of energy systems.  Key to the usefulness of LEAP has been the availability of constant support for users and upgrades to the program.  Consistent support including the LEAP web site, provides a connection between users and a source of information and ideas that allows users to quickly begin doing meaningful work and to receive help in a timely manner when problems arise."

David von Hippel
Nautilus Institute
Oregon, USA

"LEAP is an intuitive and very powerful tool for analyzing the impacts of different energy policy scenarios.  It has been adopted by my colleagues in Thailand working on national-level energy-efficiency and renewable energy scenarios for the Thailand Energy Policy Research Project, with significant results."

Peter du Pont
US-AID Contractor
ECO Asia Clean Development & Climate Program
Bangkok, Thailand

"I used LEAP in 2001 for Cambodia's Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC.  LEAP worked even with a very minimum of data and it is user-friendly.  With my energy background, I was able to learn by myself the use of LEAP.  But all this happened because SEI staff were always "virtually there" to help.  I would ask questions and in less than a day they would answer.  I would like to use LEAP again, if given the chance."

Mila Jude
Consultant, Full-Advantage Co., Ltd.,
Bangkok, Thailand

"If there exists such a thing as a perfect capacity building tool, it is called LEAP. I have seen it myself: LEAP helps people doing a better job, irrespective of their level of education, experience, discipline, age, or nationality".

Peter Mulder
VU University
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"LEAP is the only substantial energy modeling software that is reasonably accessible to energy consultants who are not modeling specialists.  Our organisation uses it for a range of purposes, including energy modeling for several South African cites, informal household energy projections, and renewable energy scenario assessments.  I think it's a valuable contribution to the global energy community."

Mark Borchers
Sustainable Energy Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

"LEAP was an extremely useful tool in analysing our national energy system in Ireland.  Specifically, it has been used to look at aspects of security of supply, and in that regard has proved user-friendly, flexible and powerful as a policy making aid."

Morgan Bazilian, Special Advisor on Energy and Climate to the Minister for Energy
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Dublin, Ireland

"In Latin America, LEAP has become an extremely potent and broadly disseminated tool, which has been used in many recent energy studies in the region.  For example, LEAP was recently used in Argentina to help generate a National Energy Plan, and has also been used by OLADE (the Latin American Energy Organization) for a recent major energy scenario study. "

Nicolá s Di Sbroiavacca
Senior Researcher, Fundación Bariloche,
Bariloche, Argentina

 "LEAP's interface is intuitive and user-friendly without being intrusive. I especially like the attractive graphical feedback in the input and reporting screens and the flexibility of changing units and chart types. At the same time, LEAP has powerful behind-the-scenes functions that provide the capability for very sophisticated modeling of complex energy systems. "

Chella Rajan
Professor, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, India

 "LEAP provides our planning and policy research with a very good support system in our analysis of our future energy supply system and related environmental impacts."

Danilo n. Javier
Senior Science Research Specialist
Energy Planning and Policy Bureau, Department of Energy

"We used LEAP for an analysis of energy and electricity use in two Chinese provinces.  LEAP was ideal for working with the Chinese to ensure consistent units, accurate accounting of energy use, trending for estimating future energy requirements, and describing the results to Chinese decision makers."

Walter Short
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Boulder, CO, USA

"LEAP is a great tool that allows a country, a region or a city to construct an energy strategy plan in a very transparent manner.  It gives the possibility to compare alternative policies and to monitor progress over time."

Stephane de la Rue du Can
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA, USA

"LEAP is a very useful energy-environment modeling tool. It is very easy to learn. My students found it very user-friendly compared to other models."

Amit Kumar
Univesity of Alberta
Alberta, Canada

"...as always you are the best software support group I have yet to encounter."

Craig Haukedal
CCH Consulting

"LEAP is an easy-to-use and self-learning tool. In our application of modeling energy demand in the building sector it proved to be effective in the developing phase. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface was very much appreciated by our clients."

Igor Sartori
Consultant, SINTEF, Norway

"Thank you for your invaluable help. The free charge for this software and your hospitable service impressed me. I admire you for your all-around consideration."

Weiping Wei
Tianjin University

 "I must compliment you on the level of support you give. It is second to none I have ever seen."

Brian Nixon,
Student, University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

"LEAP is a very flexible tool for energy system modelling and analysis, making analysis simpler and quicker by its user interface. Using it is basically like building a beautiful art piece from LEGO blocks."

Utsav Rajbhandari
Center for Energy Studies, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal