License LEAP

A variety of options are available for licensing LEAP. Please log in to the LEAP web site to see the options available to you.

Eligibility for each type of license will be verified. Feel free to contact us with your questions about licensing.
Licensing Policy

LEAP is developed, maintained and supported by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), an international, independent, not-for-profit research organization. Our licensing fees are designed to make LEAP as accesible as possible to energy and climate practitioners in developing countries, while asking others to make a fair contribution to the ongoing development and maintenance of the system and the free technical support we provide to all users.

Fees are based on structuring countries or economies into three "tiers". Tier 1 consists of low-income and lower-middle-income economies. Tier 2 consists of upper-middle-income economies. Tier 3 consists of high-income economies. We use the World Bank's country classifications as the basis for our three licensing tiers. Note though that we have classified the least wealthy upper-middle-income countries into tier 1.

We provide LEAP for free to academic organizations, NGOs and not-for-profit government agencies in Tier 1 economies, and to accredited students worldwide. We provide discounted licenses to these same types of users in Tier 2 economies, and we offer a range of different licenses to all other types of users. The cost of these licenses varies based on the licensing period (e.g. 6 months, 1 year or 2 years) and by the number of users and the number of applications (ie the number of data sets to be developed).

Why License LEAP?
All long-term users of LEAP are expected to obtain a license for its use. Licensed users are given a user name and registration code that unlocks the read-only evaluation versions of LEAP, which can be downloaded here. The unlocked version is required when creating your own analyses.
Terms and Conditions

The full terms and conditions for using LEAP are available here and must be accepted when installing LEAP.

No copies of the software or the information required to unlock the software may be distributed to any other individual or organization.

LEAP is copyright © 1982-2020 of the Stockholm Environment Institute.

LEAP Services

During the license period, users are entitled to free software upgrades and limited free technical support via the LEAP Forum.

SEI offers a range of additional services to assist you in your use of LEAP, including training, data and model development, as well as software enhancements to LEAP itself. For more information on these services contact


All users of LEAP must accept the following disclaimer of warranty in addition to accepting the terms and conditions for using LEAP.

Disclaimer: LEAP is supplied as is. The authors disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. SEI and the authors assume no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of LEAP. No oral or written communication or information provided by SEI shall create a warranty. Under no circumstances shall SEI be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use LEAP.